For the last 40 years, I have been living in ‘Jawahar Chawl’ and since the last 20 years I have been doing a small business in where I have seen many marathi people who have been facing many problems in the businesses they are running. This I have observed, during the course of my work as well as my whole life. As soon as I accepted and implemented the solutions of Saral Vaastu provided by Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji at my home, I was able to get manifold profits in my business that was not happening before. I also called the ‘Saral Vaastu expert’ at my home and got the Vaastu tests done in order to locate Vaastu defects. He not only detected the Vaastu defects but also told about the importance of all the favorable directions and how do they individually effect us, minutely. He also told me about the effect of the directions on our behavior by looking at the Vaastu Defects.

After acting on the expert’s recommendation and getting the full implementation of the solution done according to Vaastu requirements at home, within 3-4 months only, I was able to notice and observe a ‘Pleasant atmosphere at home”and my relationship level with my acquaintances and relatives, improved tremendously. In a course of one year’s time, I was able to get constant good results in all spheres of development through constant checks done by the experts of Saral Vaastu. Even the illness that I have been suffering from since may years, began to get cured within one years time.

I earnestly request all the other long time suffering Marathi people to go in for Saral Vaastu services, immediately without fail and any more waiting if they wish to get cured of all the sufferings related to health, wealth, family relationship, business, career, child’s education and all the other possible related issues that any person or family could be suffering from. I convey and give my heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to Dr. Sri Chandreshekhar Guruji, who has embarked upon to remove and obliterate all the difficulties from the lives of common people like us who have been suffering from a long time, without any remedy or cure in sight.

Sri Dinkar Patil (Businessman, Thane)