Since the last many years, there seemed to be some Vaastu based problems or defects, occurring in my household , the most important being the non-settling of my daughter’s marriage . Tired and worried about the unnecessary delay, I decided to call the Saral Vaastu expert to inspect my whole household to locate any Vaastu defect, hindering the solemnization of the marriage.

The Saral Vaastu expert did the full inspection of my dwelling for pinpointing the exact Vaastu Defect and informed me that the main fault lies with the Main Door of the house and I have to change the position of the main door of the house, to remove the Vaastu defect in the household. The expert also told about the auspicious color for my daughter, auspicious number, favorite direction etc based on her Date of Birth. She followed the best direction while sitting for the bride inspection and after may days of doing this, her marriage was fixed in one of these sittings .

It gave me great pleasure that before my retirement, I was able to get my daughter married and she is very happy after her marriage, this is what I have come to know. This is the biggest satisfaction for me. Even my son, now says that his business is earning good profits and his son is also able to put full concentration and energy to build and expand his business that he was not able to do earlier as his heart and soul were not into the job. His colleagues now praise him as his behavior towards others has improved tremendously while earlier he has destroyed all his relationship with others. Due to the invention of Saral Vaastu , all the people have been able to enjoy the benefits of Saral Vaastu by personally experiencing it in their life, homes and workplaces. I am very indebted and grateful towards Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji for his invention of Saral Vaastu that is being used for the service of mankind in India and abroad.

Sri Dhanesh Shetty Family

(Shahpur , Thane)