My family has got good health and longevity due to the best results got through the implementation of Saral Vaastu. Due to Saral Vaastu implementation, my family business issues and problems got resolved, my relationship with others improved, my behavior improved and various other issues afflicting my family and family members improved by themselves to everybody’s satisfaction. Before the implementation of Saral Vaastu, my family’s business had many problems and issues due to which my behavior with others took a tumble and my relationship also soured with relatives and family members. Thereafter I decided to take Saral Vaastu solutions for my whole household as well as for my business. I arranged for the Vaastu expert to come to my household and got the Vaastu Test done as a result of which I was able to know many Vaastu Defects from the Saral Vaastu expert. Then I agreed to get the Saral Vaastu services fully implemented and done at my household.

In just over a period of three months, my pending wish of visiting my village or native place became a reality. To top my pleasure cup, my business that had many issues began to yield maximum profits that I have never thought about before or seen before. Not only that, my grandchildren passed their respective exams with flying colors. But the best was yet to come. My relationship quotient with everyone improved a lot and my interpersonal relationship improved with every member of the family as well as outside. For bringing out these golden best days of my life, I express my millions of “pranams and gratitude” to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji, who bought about an everlasting metamorphic change in my life that I have never imagined, even in my dreams, to happen in my living life. I will also expect others to inculcate and accept Saral Vaastu at their homes and workplaces so as to get maximum benefits and overcome all their personal, professional, relationship, wealth, health, career and other issues plaguing them, with no respite in sight. For me and for all, Saral Vaastu is the exact cure and antidote for the removal of the poisoning of the good times, done by the time snake or Kalsarpa, that helps in removing all evil defects and problems, that have poisoned the home, hearth, minds and souls of the family members and relatives, since times and ages with no apparent respite in sight, except the full and final implementation of Saral Vaast, that only can break the poison tooth of the ‘Kalsarpa’ of the bad times and tiding so as to bring in eternal peace and prosperity at the home and in the lives of all the people associated with the householder and karta.

Sri Chandrashekhar Dhotre Family

(Businessman, Kurla, Mumbai)