Its been 40 years since I have taken Vaastu at my place, but there were many disturbances related to this. Sometimes there were economic problems, sometimes health problems or sometimes problems related to court-cases, kept popping up their troubled heads in my household, now and then. In Saral Vaastu, there are no breakages, renovations or demolitions. The Vaastu Defects are found out through totally scientific procedure that is based on scientific outlook, that does not involve any change in the building structure.

I decided to apply Vaastu Defects inspection at my home and arranged for the Saral Vaastu expert to visit my house. Thereafter I had many meetings with him in which the expert told me that there won’t be any breakages or renovations that involves breaking down anything in the house or renovating it according to Vaastu. Neither is the need to change house or purchase another one. Then the expert asked me to go in for Saral Vaastu implementation at home through the simple, scientific and easy to apply solutions at my place. I also listened to all his recommendation of putting up all Saral Vaastu materials and paraphernalia, which I duly did. The expert did all the necessary placements of all Vaastu materials as per requirements.

In just about 1-2 months of implementing Saral Vaastu, my economic situation whether it improved or not, my health related issues began lessening down gradually or not, this I cannot say for sure but the court cases running in the middle of their proceedings, began to show favorable outcome on my side. Seeing this kind of happiness creeping up in my life, I proceed to convey my heartiest respects and admiration for Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji who has filled up my life with true happiness, ecstasy, joy and merriment that encourages me to remain faithful to him, throughout my life, as my life is completely turned around for good due to his blessings and that of Saral Vaastu.

Sri Anant Gudwi Family

(Kalwa, Thane)