After having watched Saral Vaastu program on ETV Marathi Channel, I decided to initiate contacts with Saral Vaastu institution in order to solve my family’s relationship problems between my husband and my children, who were constantly fighting with each other. The reason being inspite of studying harder and trying hard to study hard, their results were not upto the mark as they were not able to concentrate or realize their aims. All kinds of ‘vrats’, fasting, puja and rituals did not help them in any manner, neither the family tension lessened. There was no remedy in sight.

After contacting Saral Vaastu, their expert came to my place and did Vaastu inspection of the house for some time. Thereafter he told me about the Vaastu Defects prevalent in the household. I believe that Saral Vaastu is totally based on scientific principles and perspective that leaves no ground for doubt. The Vaastu materials as told by the expert were arranged to be put up in my house. In just some time, the favorable results due to the inculcation of Saral Vaastu solutions began to show its efficacy. Now there are no ‘issues’ between my husband and the children, their aim and ambition towards their goal of studies is surely fixed and they are doing their studies excellently. There is a beautiful environment at home that has developed into a very congenial one for everybody in the family. What I feel is that Saral Vaastu is such a kind of invention that everybody should experience and inculcate in one’s life and dwelling, as a must have. For this, I will forever remain indebted to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji and Saral Vaastu.

Smt. Priti Khot Family

(Housewife, Vikhroli, Mumbai)