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Do you believe in magical powers and their influence or do you think all these as superstitious thoughts? The magical powers that impact on someone’s life are sourced from nature. The positive impacts lead towards success, whereas the negative impacts lead to disasters. The impact of these energies is certainly regarded as magical.

There are several energies flowing in our environment like solar, lunar, cosmic, magnetic, thermal and much more. These energies are mentioned in the Vastu Shastra to be magical which create impact in accordance with the 10 directions and are based on the five basic elements of life which are water, earth, fire, the wind, and space.

What is Vastu Shastra And How Does it Impact Our Life ?

Vastu Shastra is a science employed in construction and architecture of structures from ancient times till today. With the growing difficulties, the need of Vastu Shastra is growing and so even its popularity for the positive impacts. The people who construct their houses making them Vastu compliant enjoy their healthy life being wealthy and prosperous in many terms. Opportunities and success reside in a Vastu compliant house. So, it is advised to everyone to follow the basic Vastu tips and enjoy the unmatched happiness and feel privileged.

What Are The Vastu Rules Based Upon ?

These vastu rules are correlated with the directions and five elements, which need to be configured while constructing a house. Configuring the Vastu rules, you would be able to invite the positive energies to impact your life.

Consult A Vastu Expert To Find Out The Best Vastu Tips !!!

The Vastu rules are specifically not for residential structures, but for the commercial structures as well. Each and every room either in the residential block or the commercial block or any such construction must be compliant with the Vastu rules. These Vastu rules can be sourced from the renowned Vastu experts such as Saral Vaastu, who provide expert and experienced knowledge. They would guide you, providing the best tips as embedded in the Vastu rules. Providing the details of your plot you can get the detail requirements of Vastu from the Vastu experts.

  1. Jayanta

    For a moment forget aboutvaastu. It is mainly for peace of mind. I lost this by opting for a plan for my house which they promised to give in april 2016 first week. Took advance 2000, And for every call ready reply our team will call you within 24 hours.
    any one plse give me guruji no . I will call him and ask is he a part of such thing.

    • saral vaastu

      Dear Jayanta,

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.We request you to kindly share your details on our mail ID so that our concern team can assist you for the same.

      For more information you can call us on 9321333022 (8 am to 8 pm).

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