Heart-AttackConsidered to be an old-age ailment, heart attack and ailments related to heart have become a lifestyle concern today! Studies suggest that the rate of heart ailments in India is double the national averages of many countries in the west.

Though hereditary genetic traits cannot be controlled, the risk is even heightened further due to factors like diabetes, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, stress and obesity. While these things are controllable and helps curb the risk of Heart Ailments, there are other ways that help in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Our heart beats approximately 100,000 times a day and helps in keeping the oxygen levels up in our body. But, with one person dying of heart attack every 33 seconds in India, not many cases have a solid reason of heart ailments. With the reasons ranging from lifestyle choices to genetic issues, people tend to forget that the environment and Vastu also have a great impact on your health. This has been recorded and observed since ages and have been noted in Ayurveda as well.

Here are some interesting facts about your heart that will leave you amazed –

  • Heart mechanism

Our heart is a blood pumping machine that pumps between 3.8 to 5.6 liters of blood every minute.

  • Heart Beat

A Heart Beat is not a beat but a clapping sound valve leaflets opening and closing.

  • Heart Valve

A normal heart valve is about the size of a 10-Rupee coin.

  • Heart Rate

On an average, a woman’s heart beats 8 times more than that of man’s heart rate.

  • First Heart Beat

The heart in a foetus starts beating as early as four weeks after conception.

Ancient Indian Science has always been accurate when it came to human anatomy and the nature. Every other field that bifurcated further always made sure that they took all the findings into consideration. One such Ancient Science is the Chakras. The Chakra therapy is effective in helping prevent many bodily ailments, specifically the heart diseases. Balancing Anahata or Heart chakra ensures proper energy flow in the body. The unblocking Anahata Chakra results in the flow of energy, love, and compassion.

Vastu governs the manifested and un-manifested energies around us and moulds them to work in our favour. As per Vastu, certain directions, rooms, colours, etc. help us enhance our well-being, which in turn helps us prevent many serious health issues including heart attack.

Some important Vastu tips that help prevent the Heart Ailments:

  • Sleeping Direction –

Just like how exercise is important for our health, sleeping in a perfect direction is also essential. Every time you sleep on bed or on floor, make sure you keep your head facing towards your second favourable direction.

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  • Construction of House –

While constructing your dream home, design it in such a way that toilets and bathrooms do not block your second favourable direction. A blocked second favourable directions brings great health problems.

  • Staircase –

A spiral staircase near the front door should be avoided at all costs. A spiral staircase acts like a screw that burrows down into the house affecting the hearts of all the members that reside in the house.

  • Knife-edge Pillow –

Avoid using A knife-edge as it has a direct impact on your heart, especially if you have an irregular heartbeat.

There are many parameters that Vastu governs. To know more Vastu tips on heart attack and to find out your favourable direction contact our experts at Saral Vaastu and prevent yourself from any type of heart conditions.

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