1. An Introduction About Vaastu Shastra

Various efforts have undergone in spreading the principles and theories of Vaastu. The role of the Media has been very instrumental, in spreading its message.

2. Introduction to Saral Vaastu

SARAL as everyone knows, means Easy as in 'Sanskritinized Hindi'. Thus 'Saral Vaastu' is the art and science of adopting Vaastu principles in an easy manner.

3. A Scientific Analysis of Saral Vaastu Shastra

On the onset, it must be absolutely made clear that Vaastu is not a superstitious idea or some vague notion or practice.

4. How Is The Saral Vaastu Concept Utilized For The General Good?

There are so many so called “Experts in Vaastu Shastra” floating in and around who virtually compel their clients to spend a bomb or a huge sum of money.

5. Scientific Perspective & Clarity On The Main Door Facing The North-East

Several misconceptions have crept in and have existed earlier regarding the exact placement of the Main Door, amongst the majority of the population.

6. The Cycle Of Life and Death Relationship With Saral Vaastu

Vaastu as a science is followed in different countries like India, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, in different forms since times immemorial for eg. Feng Shui etc.

7. Saral Vaastu Application – Ownership or Rented Properties Both!

Any person who lives in a rented property or conducts business in or from a rented property, doesn’t he stand a chance of doing well in his business.

8. Should ‘Puja Room’ Be Compulsorily Situated In The North-East Direction or Place !

Most of the people believe that God is omnipotent and omnipresent. But when the client asks the Vaastu expert.

9. Location of The Main Door & The Importance of Its Direction

It is a commonly accepted fact among people who are purchasing new property for living or plan to invest in one, to insist on the builder / developer /broker.

10. The Impact Of Having Toilets, Bathrooms & Utilities Room In The North-East & It’s Importance In The World Of Vaastu Science

Most of the available literature on Vaastu, overemphasizes on the insistence of the toilet.

11. The Old House Structures Had The Toilets, Outside The Main House

Our ancestors and forefathers used to live in old house structure, where toilet was situated outside the house, due to its production of negative energy.

12. Right Location For One’s Kitchen – How To Go About It?

The kitchen has always been considered as a very important place in the household. In the olden times of our ancestors, big kitchen rooms used to be the norms

13. A Scientific Analysis Of The North East Direction

It can bring several problems to the family members residing in that house. Now the basic question is-‘Why there should not be any kind of weight in this direction’?

14. The South-West Direction How Does It Favour Head Of Family and Karta ?

The householder or the breadwinner(Karta), should have his bedroom situated in the South-West corner of the house.

15. Bore Well Not In The North East Direction – It’s Consequences

The presence of a bore well in a direction other than the North-East is an important issue to be discussed and understood. Get know right direction for bore well.

16. The Main Gate Of The House In North East – It’s Importance & Relevance

As has been the established norm and custom duly propagated by the various books and literature available on Vastu Shastra.

17. House Facing ‘L’ Junction & ‘T’ Junction – Feasibility or Impact!

It is said and I too agree with the Vaastu Shastra books, that houses should not be located in front of ‘L’ and ‘T’ junctions or it can be said in other way .

18. Leading A Peaceful Life While Staying In A House, Just Opposite To A Place Of Worship or A Religious Place Real or Myth?

The general opinion of many Vaastu scholars comes to the conclusion that ....

19. Impact Of The Presence Of Three Doors In a Straight Line, In Any Household

Several references exist in the various Vaastu Shastra books regarding the above problem and several Vaastu pundits have dwelt.

20. Saral Vaastu for Women – How to Avoid Putting on Weight & to Maintain an Ideal Weight

From among the audiences at my talks and seminars , the womenfolk commonly ask me the question, ”Does Saral Vaastu effect result or act on our bodies too ?”

21. Saral Vaastu for a Bright Academic Future for the Students – It’s Contribution

As mentioned before, every person has four favorable and four unfavorable Directions. This is applicable for students as well.

22. The Golden Beginning Of A Woman’s Married Life & It’s Connectivity With Saral Vaastu

It has been customary in our Indian customs and traditions that has been meticulously followed and accepted by the majority of the people.

23. More Suggestions & Additional Information On Vaastu, Through Saral Vaastu

As per the prevailing Vaastu Shastra principles , under no condition , should a ‘Staircase’ be constructed in the middle of the house.

24. The Shape Of The Building or Structure & Its Importance In Saral Vaastu

The shape of a building or structure is very important in Saral Vaastu. It is very importantly advised that under no circumstances.

25. Importance of Vaastu Science in India , From Times Immemorial- an Analysis

I have been doing research in Vaastu literature available in several Indian languages & scripts throughout India,across all states.

26. Map of India (Physical & Political)

The main functioning of the country’s executive, legislative and the judiciary government bodies functions from the Central Parliament, called Parliament House that is situated in New Delhi. It is also known as ‘Sansad Bhavan’.

27. The Impact of External Defects of Environment on the House & the Importance of Saral Vaastu in This Regard

In cities because of shortage of space and proliferation of cardboard cities.

28. Celebrating The Festival Of Lights “Deepavali”, As Per Principles Of Saral Vaastu

Festival celebrations in India , are a major part and parcel of our ancient Indian culture and civilization.

29. Saral Vaastu Applied Blueprint Of Plan For Both New House & Office Or Establishment

As evident from the deep study of this book, you must have come to realize that Saral Vaastu has already created a revolution of sorts.