The presence of a bore well in a direction other than the North-east is an important issue to be discussed and understood. In case the north-east direction happens to be in the front part of the house, a bore well dug in that direction would be extremely beneficial and will result in the improvement of the economic condition of the family. In case, the north-east direction happens to fall on any of the sides of the house, then too it would not bring any trouble for the family. However, if the North-east direction falls at the rear of the house and a bore well is dug there in that direction, it can bring all kinds of financial problems for the family and lead to huge losses in all spheres, for the family staying in that house, in every possible way.

It is true that one need not believe this blindly. We can look at cases, where bore wells have been dug in the North-east direction that happened to be in the rear of the house and analyze the situation faced by the family. During the ancient times, Kings, nobles, knights and other people from the aristocracy, used to have fountains in front of their palaces and homes, to bring in positive energy due to the cascading and flowing of water continuously, in the fountain. Similarly when bore wells were constructed in front of the houses, they were meant to primarily bring in positive vibes.

Let me give you another example in support of this proposition. In one of the houses in Haveri town in Karnataka, the North-west direction was in the front of the house. When a bore well was drilled at 200 feet, they got 4 inches of water level. Later, on the advice of a local Vaastu scholar, the bore well was closed with stones. A new bore well was dug in the North-east direction of the building. They went up to 600 feet of drilling, but were not able to draw any water. The people living in the house are still to this day, dependent upon water tankers to get their refill of water, as they have not got their own drilled water bore well, due to their own mistake.

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