Attract Prosperity & Joy On Gudi Padwa 2020

We live in a great country where traditions crowns our glorified culture from thousands of years. Sanatan Dharma is the oldest religion that is known as "Guru" and has provided ancient knowledge of medicine, philosophy, geography, science, architecture, literature etc.

Grow Your Business with 50 Quick Vastu for Business Tips

Every businessman wants to explore the enormous opportunities to nurture and expand the business. Business is the wheel that keeps an economy going. It fulfills the demand and supply phenomenon.

Bring Love In Your Relationship With These 38 Vastu Tips

In our life, relationship holds a special place. This is a feeling of compassion that involves love, affection and bonding. Two people come together to share their life and nurture a relationship with care, support, adjustment, understanding, sacrifices etc.

Vastu Consultation is the First Step For A Better Insight of Vastu

Vastu is a vast science of architecture that focuses on Cosmic energy. Cosmic energy is an omnipresent energy that affects our lives. This energy can be positive or negative due to many external factors.

Vastu Tips for House : Welcome Happiness

A home is a combination of different parts that collectively create a home. A happy house is an outcome of positive and balanced energy. This balance is energy comes from the different parts of a house

South Facing House is Auspicious, Know How?

We often heard that South facing house is considered inauspicious and brings bad luck but that is not true. There are many such myths are prevalent about Vastu Shastra by self-proclaimed Vastu expert.

Vastu for Toilet is Important to Lead a Happy Life

Your house is a depository of energy so make sure you store only positive energy in the house. The energy plays a chief role in the prosperity or adversity of a family. Toilet and bathroom in the house is considered as the most negative place.

Vastu for East facing house : Key to Happiness

Vastu Shastra is a science where directions play an important role. People who know even a little about Vastu, often heard that East facing house can be a good luck charm.

Know Muladhara Chakra – Chakra of Vitality

A healthy body and mind allows someone to live a life full of achievements and success. Their decision-making power and good health help them to be a frontrunner. A healthy body and mind do not depend on good food and lifestyle.

30 Quick and Simple Vastu Tips for Home

A house reflects the state of your happiness. Very few know that a house can be the reason for your happiness. Any disruptions or adversity in your life can be a result of wrong Vastu of your house.

Vastu for Kitchen – 7 Important Tips To Follow

The second most sacred place in the house is Kitchen after Pooja Room. We prepare food in kitchen that serve us as Energizer. Due to many health related hygiene, we keep our kitchen clean and tidy.

Vastu for Pooja Room Makes Your Pooja Room a Powerhouse of Positivity

A house is incomplete without a Pooja Room. As we all know, Pooja room is the biggest source of positive energy in a house so it is important to make a Pooja room according to Vastu.

Vastu Consultation: Know Where You Can Get Your Answers

Vastu plays an important role in harnessing the positive energy at your house or workplace. A Vastu compliant house or office can do wonders. Vastu is not any religion-centric script but it shows the way of living.

Easy Vastu Tips for Office Attracts Good Working Environment

We spend our 2/3rd time in office so it is important that whether this place add positivity in your life or snatches you peace and joy away. If due to Vastu defects or Vatsy Dosh, your office is creating issue like mental stress, a bad relationship with colleagues, boss, stakeholders etc.

Vastu for Pooja Room – 20 Vastu Tips to Open Door of Good Fortune

Importance of Pooja room is very well known in Indian traditional system. It is the centre of spirituality where we seek for peace. In Vastu Shastra, Pooja room or prayer room has its own significance.

20 Easy-To-Apply Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Kitchen is the place where food is cooked. This food is the source of energy for us. Kitchen is also known as Fire element and it is important to keep this element controlled to get benefits.

Best 17 Vastu Tips for Office to Attract Success and Profit

Direction has great importance in Vastu Shastra. The importance of best direction is more relevant for office than house. It is because a person spends his/her most of the time in office.

Vastu House Plan : Change the Way You Live

How much time do you spend to design your dream house? We all put endless efforts to turn our dream house into a dream home. But what if you have to face obstacles due to Vastu house plan?

Quick Vastu Tips for Toilet

Vastu Shastra majorly focuses on energy balance in a house that ultimately decided the happiness in your lives. Vastu plan for all parts of the house is really essential to follow to make an entirely Vastu compliant house.

Attain Healthy and Active Life by Opening Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra)

A healthy mind and a healthy body allow you to conquer all odds in life. A healthy person leads a life full of success, achievements and happiness. What are the factors that bestow us an overall well-being

Vastu Shastra – Science of Architecture, Know In and Out

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science for designing or constructing any structure, monument, temple, etc. This science was popular from the Vedic age. We are experiencing the greatness and richness of this architectural science with the historic monuments and structures that are standing tall after centuries.

15 Vastu Tips for Bedroom – Correct Sleeping Direction Invites Peace

Bedroom is the place where we recharge our life just like we recharge our mobile phones. The Vastu of the bedroom has a deep connection with our peace. The bedroom is the place that gives us peace and comfort.

Adopt Vastu for Bedroom for a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

A healthy mind can create miracles. Mental health directly affects the decision-making power and positivity of a person. A healthy mind needs proper sleep, peace and relaxation and bedroom is the place where you get this required peace of mind.

20 Important Vastu Tips for Home

Being happy and successful is the purpose of life. We all make efforts to live a happy life. But do you know that your house can be the reason of your prosperity? Yes! Vastu for home plays an important role to bring positive results in life.

Few Tips About Vastu for House

A house is a place where we relax and find peace. It is important to have a house where positivity dwells and we feel motivated and inspired.

Is North East Direction Your Favoured Direction as per Vastu?

If you are living in North East Facing House and having troubles related to finance and health then it's not necessary that direction is the only cause for it. However, in Vastu direction plays a major role but sometimes we don't need to make big changes.

Find Out The Correct Vastu for North West Facing House

Directions are the foremost influencer in Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu, favorable directions can create magic in our lives. To invite prosperity and happiness, one must follow the right direction.

Is Vastu for South East Facing House Direction Good?

If you are thinking to construct South East Facing House and not sure about the favourable direction then Saral Vaastu has the answer to your question.

South West Facing House is Your New Happy House!

Is your property in South-West direction? Do you want to construct your house or office on the property but confused about the direction? South West Facing House can be your happy house.

It’s Important to Know Vastu For South Facing House

What does decide our favourable direction in Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu, every individual has certain directions and structures that are profitable to them

Is North Facing House Making You Happy or Not? Know Vastu Solutions

There is a predominant myth that North Facing House is the happiness magnet. But is that true? Every North Facing House cannot be the standard measure to decide the happiness and prosperity of the people living in that house.

Know Vastu for West Facing House and Attract Happiness

Vastu focuses on directions majorly. According to Vastu Shastra, our lives are controlled and affected by directions. A right direction can change our life towards good.

Make Your East Facing House Vastu Compliance

Direction is a key player in Vastu Shastra. Every individual has a different impact of different directions. According to Vastu, every individual has 4 favourable and 4 unfavorable directions.

Importance of Vastu for Education in Child’s Overall Development

The world is being competitive so the race of being ahead is getting more difficult every day. Since our education system is more result and marks-oriented, it doesn't give importance to the overall development of a student.

Health is Wealth, Follow Vastu for Better Health

With the changing lifestyle and routine, we are working tirelessly to stay ahead in this competitive world. Due to this non-stop race, we tend to forget our health big time.

Vastu for House Can Attract Happiness and Wealth in Your Life

Your house is the power bank for all your happiness. This is the place where you enjoy and spend most of the time of your life. It’s your leisure corner, but what if you are facing problems because of your house.

Vastu for Study Room Can Enhance Your Performance

Are you or your child facing issues in concentrating on studies? Is there a lot of distractions while studying? Are your study room is capable enough to keep you focused?

Know Vastu for Marriage to End Your Search of Perfect Partner

“Marriages are made in heaven”, we have heard this phrase many times in our lives. Marriage is one institution where two people come together and intertwine two families together.

Vastu Can Increase Your Wealth and Finances, Know Vastu for Wealth

We all are working relentlessly in our lives to live a happy and comfortable life. To make our lives easier and more prosperous, we untiringly putting effort. The major factor which plays an important role in our lives to buy comfort is wealth.

Enhance Your Business by Adopting Vastu for Business

Business is the backbone of an economical strong society. To increase financial profits, we apply strategies and new concepts every day in our business. A businessman looks for the profit-oriented outcomes for his company.

Give Your Career A Right Direction With Vastu

To climb the ladder of success, everyone needs to have a stable and flourishing career. We all strive for better opportunities in our lives to become successful. Our growing career defines our happiness.

Let Your Toilet & Bathroom Resonate A Positive Energy Through Vastu

While constructing a house, toilet and bathroom also hold an important aspect. This is the place where we cleanse ourselves and practically starts our day. It gives us a fresh start of the day.

Is Your Vastu For House is Perfect? Make Your House a Happiness Magnet

Your house is the power bank for all your happiness. This is the place where you enjoy and spend most of the time of your life. It’s your leisure corner, but what if you are facing problems because of your house.

How Your Main Door Direction Affects Your Fortune?

House is a place where dreams cultivate. For any individual, a home is a place where he or she finds their soul and safe place. In today’s life, where life is full of problems, we seek peace in our homes.

Vastu for Pooja Room – Repository of Positive Energy

The most sacred place of any house is “Pooja Room” or “Prayer Room”. This is the place where we offer prayers to God and seek blessings for a happy life. In India, Pooja Room considered as the most auspicious corner of home where positive energy dwells.

Make Your Bedroom Vastu Compliance With Vastu Tips For Bedroom

A bedroom is a place to relax and regain your energy. It is the most important part of your house where you spend one-third of your life. Your bedroom can play a major role to increase your happiness. It nurtures the relationship between a couple in a positive way.

Kitchen Can Be The Reason of All Your Health Problems, Know How Vastu Can Cure It

Can you imagine that your sacred food corner aka kitchen can be the reason for all the health problems in your family? Yes! The energy imbalance in your kitchen can be the foremost reason of all the uninvited health-related issues to you and your family members.