Vastu for Rented House: Important Tips to Follow

While we look for a rented house, there are many personal requirements we keep in our mind. The location, size, space, accessibility, facilities and environment of the area. But quite a time we tend to overlook the Vastu for rented house. This results in many negative results after shifting in the house or office. To […]

Top 10 Vastu Tips to Clean Your Home of Negative Energy.

We all know that every human is made of energy. This universe also runs on energy. This energy is known as Cosmic Energy. Due to Vastu Dosh or incorrect Vastu, this energy gets imbalanced. This imbalanced energy impacts our lives negatively and creates many life-related problems in different aspects of life like health, wealth, career, […]

Best Household Plants as per Vastu Shastra

Plants are the best healer to a stressed mind. Nature has its own techniques to cure our anxiety, problems and issues of life. This is why we all need vacations to mountains and landscapes. It rejuvenates our soul and gives us answers to all the questions. This is called a mental detox. Vastu Shastra has […]

Welcome Positive Energy in the Living Room through Vastu Tips

Living room is the room where we try to put in extra effort as this is the place where our guests come and sit. This is also a best memory gatherer where we spend our good times with family, watching TV together, having conversations and cherish our family time. Everyone desires a tidy and beautiful […]

Make Holi 2020 More Colorful & Prosperous with Simple Vastu Tips

You must be wondering how does Vastu Shastra help in adding happiness in the festival of colors”Holi”? We all are made up of energies and our internal energy reflects our personalities and health. Sometimes due to various internal and external factors, the energy within us gets imbalanced and we start feeling restless, anxious, unaccepted, depressed.and […]

Vastu for Wardrobe : Benefits and Effects

Vastu Shastra affects each part of your house from main door to position of your furniture. It touches every aspect of your life. A wrong direction can bring a lot of negative results in your personal and professional lives. How does a direction affect our life? This universe is made up of energy and we […]

Quick 35 Vastu Tips for Garden

Vastu Shastra is a wide ancient science of architecture. It involves every part of the house. Garden is not an exception. A Vastu compliant garden has the ability to enhance positive vibes in the house. Whereas a garden without Vastu rules can impact your life negatively. So before designing a garden, always Follow Vastu for […]

Vastu for Number of Doors to Attract Happiness and Luck

A Vastu compliant house is known as a magnet for all the positivity and happiness. Vastu science is the methods of using the best direction, structure and placement while constructing a house or a workplace. We all know that the Main Door of a house is one of the focus points where people pay keen […]

Garden Vastu : Don’t Ignore Your Garden

Nature is the best healer for all your mental and physical tiredness. If you ever feel depressed and low, sitting under the wings of nature calms you and gives you mental peace of mind. Although going to lush green travel places is not possible every time. So we all like to have a little garden […]

Mirror Can Help You To Achieve Better Health and Money

Mirrors are those objects that can transform a house into a fortune cookie with some placement changes. According to Vastu Shastra, a mirror can be inferred as a water element for its reflective ability. A mirror can reflect back whatever is in front of it so it is important that a mirror should reflect positive […]

Kitchen Salt Can Attract Positive Energy and Good Health

Do you know that a simple mineral in our kitchen as Salt has the power to terminate the negative energy from the house. Vastu Shastra is filled with many surprises and one of such surprises is the usage of salt in Vastu. Salt has the quality of absorbing and drying. It can absorb the negative […]

Staircase Vastu: Important to Know

Each part of the house is really important. Staircase is the medium to move up and down in multistoried houses. Since Vastu Shastra pays attention to every part of the house, the staircase is not an exception. If an entire house is built with Vastu compliant guidelines but staircase then inmates have to experience many […]

Vastu for Mirror : Important To Reflect Positive Energy

According to Vastu Shastra, mirrors have the power to amplify the reflected energy be it positive or negative. If your house has abundant positive energy then a mirror placed in the right direction can increase the positive energy. Whereas if your house is facing negative energy, mirrors can increase the negativity if wrongly located. What […]

Is Your Car Parking Vastu Compliant? Know 14 Vastu Tips for Car Parking

A luxury and good car is everyone’s dream. We spend a lot of time in selecting and buying our favorite car. Our dream wheels take us everywhere and anytime. But instead providing us convenience and luxury, sometimes we encounter various problems related to and because of our vehicles. We need Vastu tips for Car Parking […]

South Facing House is not Unlucky, Know How

Since Vastu Shastra is an extensive science of architecture, there are many myths are prevailing related to this. One of the most rumored myths is that South facing home brings adversity and is inauspicious. This myth is so popular that people feel scared of buying or constructing a house or office in south facing direction. […]

Prepare Your House Plan Based on Vastu

A Vastu based house is considered as the magnet to prosperity. A correct house plan that is designed with the principles of Vastu Shastra has the power to balance the cosmic energy within and around us. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and structural plan. Its importance had been seen in the monuments, […]

11. The Old House Structures Had The Toilets, Outside The Main House

Our ancestors and forefathers used to live in old house structure, where toilet was situated outside the house, due to its production of negative energy.

26. Map of India (Physical & Political)

The main functioning of the country’s executive, legislative and the judiciary government bodies functions from the Central Parliament, called Parliament House that is situated in New Delhi. It is also known as ‘Sansad Bhavan’.

29. Saral Vaastu Applied Blueprint Of Plan For Both New House & Office Or Establishment

As evident from the deep study of this book, you must have come to realize that Saral Vaastu has already created a revolution of sorts.

Ancient Science of Construction: Vastu Shastra is for welfare of Humanity

Money and success have always been the priority of people. Though we believe that karma is the key to our happiness and sorrows, but vastu shastra is the water for our karma by making a few changes in the environment.

3 Simple Ways to Improve Vastu for House by Altering Energies & Directions

Vastu for house involves several aspects. This refers to vastu remedies for different rooms, bathrooms, garden area, kitchen, and other parts of the home in order to receive maximum benefits.

Right Direction Attracts Prosperity and Happiness

Directions play a very important role in Vastu and make the basis of Vastu tips. Unlike traditional vastu, Saral Vastu believes that directions work differently for every individual.

Main Doors Is the Passage to Life in Homes

Vastu of a house starts from its entrance, which plays a great role in changing the energy flow. It is a norm or custom mentioned in Vastu Shastra books that people prefer to have their main gate in the Northeast corner, as the direction is blindly believed to be auspicious.

A Rightly Placed Entrance Door Has a Lasting Impression

Vastu Shastra believes that the main door is not just for humans to enter but it is also the welcoming gate for deities and positivity in the house. Vastu for entrance An entrance or the main gate has a very important role in the Vastu of a house. This is the place from where the […]

Vastu and Its Tremendous Effect on Your Life

Vastu has many different aspects that work towards the beautification of home with the help of paintings, idols, and other decorative pieces. However, the important aspect of Vastu for home is focused on the main door. Vastu has one basic concept that it believes that all the living or non-living thing has a soul that […]

Energies and Directions are Important for Vastu of your House

Vastu Shastra, a prehistoric Indian science of prosperous living and harmony enhances energies all around us. Are you aware about vastu shastra? Do you know the importance of Vastu in your life? No! The blog will update you about effects of vastu in your home and workplace that helps you lead a balanced and happy […]

South East Facing House – Favourable or Unfavourable?

Many people, believe that South East facing house is unfavourable and can invite all sorts of trouble and adversities in life. Well, the good news is that South East facing house may not be unfavourable for every individual! This has been demonstrated by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, based on the research conducted by him, over […]

How to Overcome Financial Problems

Vastu for Kitchen

Vastu Tips to Enhance your Fortune This Diwali

The most prominent and famous festival of India, Diwali or Deepavali, falls on October 30, 2016. Diwali is an auspicious festival celebrated with fun and vigor all across the world.

Overcome Depression By These Proven Ancient Methods

Depression is a harsh reality in today’s world. People all around are stressed out and sinking into depression. It is a mental issues that some of our ancestors experienced.

5 Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence

You are not born with an integral ability of self-confidence. You must work hard to attain and maintain that self-confidence. Everyone dreams of having that charming and magnetic personality that attracts appreciations.

Learn How Vastu Can Help You Control Your Anger

Anger is defined as a normal and healthy emotion. Anger has the power, but there are negative and positive ways to deal with that power.

5 Ways How Your House Can Help In Increasing Your Wealth

A proper Vastu for your house can be your first step towards improving your luck and increasing your wealth. Simplest ways your house can contribute towards wealth gain

Importance of Paintings

The importance of paintings in Vastu is based on a belief in the universal life force of energies. Vastu enhances the flow of energy in your house or workplace with proper placement of paintings in its favorable directions

Did You Know That Vastu Helps Prevent Heart Attack ?

There are many parameters that Vastu governs. To know more Vastu tips on heart attack and to find out your favourable direction contact our experts at Saral Vaastu.

The Science Behind Happiness And Prosperity

Vastu Shastra or the science of architecture and construction is the ancient, traditional Hindu system of architecture. Vastu defines the foundation, layouts, spatial geometry.

How Vastu Can Improve Your Chances Of Promotion?

Salaried employees always strive for 3 things- the day their salary gets credited into their accounts, their appraisals leading to an increment and promotion. Promotion is something that is employees look for.

5 Simple Vastu Tips For Your Home To Bring Positive Energy

Positive Energy is vital to determine the basics as to what Vastu Shastra is actually based. Earth maintains life considering the fact that air, water; fire and space can be found collectively and harmoniously.

Best Sleeping Directions As Per Vastu

The best sleeping directions are different for each individual and even the things such as placement of the bed with respect to bedroom walls, door, windows, etc, is also very much important. You may find a better sleep with your head in right area.

Mr. Vivek Jain : Vastu for More Orders and Sales in Business – Vashi, New Mumbai

Hi, this is Vivek Jain, I am from New Bombay. We have been staying here since last 7 years. I own a business of plywoods and wooden interior design. It is a family business and we are running it from past 20 years. But, from the past ten years we were facing a lot of problems as we have borrowed loans.

Mr. Mohit Lamba : Vastu for Business Growth – Kandivali, Mumbai

Myself Mohit Lamba, I am a businessman from Mumbai. I was suggested implementing Saral Vaastu for house will bring Positive energy in home. When the expert visited my place and explained us that vastu is something deeper. And it depends on an individuals date of birth.

Mr. Anil Sadanand : Vastu for Success in Business – Mysore, Bangalore

Hello, readers, my name is Anil Sadanand from Mysore, I am into business, I work for an internal security agency. That means in parallel we work with the police department, providing private security services to Banks, Industries, and many other organizations.

Know The Favorable Direction Of Your Main Entrance Door As Per Vastu And Correct Any Vastu Defects

In Vastu science the main entrance door as well as the entrance area of a home or office (including shops, showrooms, factories, workshops, etc.)

How To Attract Money With Vastu?

Vastu shastra has the power to not only improve the lives of people but also to increase the flow of cash into a house or business; small changes done as per this proven vastu science results in massive gains in the long term.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Peaceful Atmosphere at Home

A peaceful atmosphere at home is something we all strive for but seldom fail to get. Here are a few Vastu Shastra tips to maintain a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Vastu for Master Bedroom to Live a Happy Married Life

Do you know that Vastu for master bedroom is important to live a married life happily? If not, then read here to ensure that you live happily after marriage.

Vastu Shastra Tips to Resolve Workplace Conflicts

Difference of opinions happen every time at workplace leading into various conflicts. Vastu Shastra for Office helps you to resolve workplace conflicts.

How to win Court Litigation and Settlement cases with Vastu Shastra?

Are you not resting peacefully due to the ongoing court litigation or settlement case? Vastu Shastra for legal issues can be the solution you are looking for. Vastu Shastra solutions for court cases.

How to Keep Your 7 Chakras Balanced?

Every human being can find inner peace and be in harmony with the surrounding with 7 chakras balance. Vastu shastra aids in the effort of chakra balancing. Chakras and Vastu are ancient India’s greatest gifts to the world. Vastu are ancient India’s greatest gifts

How to resolve fighting over money with your spouse?

How can one avoid fighting over money with spouse? Simple planning, open communication and following Vastu tips for money are the key to avoid monetary issues.

How to Help a Friend is Facing Marital Problems?

Marital issues are common. But with patience and communication these discords can be solved. The solutions for marital problems can also be found in Vastu.

Overcome the Inevitable Career Plateau

Everyone reaches a career plateau at some point of time. Stand out amongst your colleagues by following Vastu for career and take your career to new heights. However, if there is still no success with one’s career it’s time to look at Vastu for career as an alternative.

Is Vastu Shastra Really Important for Living?

Vastu directions have great importance of in life, as it paves way for happiness and prosperity. Vastu uses different elements of nature to benefit humans. Vastu shastra may not be essential for living.

How to Win at Office Politics?

Office politics are prevalent in almost every company and at times it can be drain your energy and reduce your efficiency. Simple Vastu tips for career can help you harness your energy into more productive work. There are ways how to win at office politics.

3 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance

With the help of Vastu It is easy for people stressed at work to find peace and build a better relation with their spouse by to maintaining work-life balance. You are undergoing stress, which can be referred to various hormonal reactions.

How to Overcome Anger Issues In Children?

To manage anger issues in children is difficult. By altering the child’s room as per Vastu makes the job easier for parents to manage their children’s issues. Parents need to accept this feeling in a child

How to Defuse the Conflicts Between Couples?

Defuse couple conflict by trying the magic of Vastu. It helps increase the positive vibes between couples and find peace and harmony in each other’s company. Marriage & relationships is all about ....

How to Get Regular Good Night’s Sleep? Vastu Tips for Sleeping Without Tension

The direction in which a person sleeps is very important to get a good sleep. Find out the best sleeping direction for a sound sleep and a healthy tomorrow.

With Vastu for Success How to be Successful in Less Time?

Don’t we all want to climb the ladders of success? Vastu for success is very critical and vastu compliant surroundings make the workplace supportive. highlight some effective pointers

Create Positive Pooja Room With Effective Suggestions

Positive Puja room is the source of positivity in your house and also it affects in your personal life. Get in touch with Saral Vaastu for a positively-charged puja room.

Vastu Tips to bring success in 2017

Welcome the New Year 2017 by applying Vastu tips in your house and office. The positive energy will aid you find peace and success in the New Year.

How to achieve your New Year Resolution with Saral Vaastu?

As the clock strikes 12 on the night of 31st December, 2016 it is time to welcome the year 2017 with vigor and enthusiasm. Every New Year, like every new day, is a hope and a challenge that everyone seeks to succeed at and be happy.

Satisfied Beneficiaries of Saral Vaastu’s Vastu for Education

Better concentration & focus makes life more easier, productive. Vastu for Education plays an important role in making it happen. Here are a few people who took the Saral Vaastu Review & the solutions stimulated concentration & memory power.

Bring Home Peace and Tranquility with Saral Vaastu

When it comes to identifying crucial issues at home, homeowners should consider two aspects. Firstly, practical problems such as break-ins, flood damage, and fire breakouts should be taken into account. Having workable solutions in place is imperative. Accidents don’t come with prior notifications, and you should be prepared for all kinds of emergency situations.

Embrace Positivity and Productivity with Experts at Saral Vaastu

Workplace environments are quite different from your home ambience. While the former affects your productivity goals and growth objectives, the latter disrupts your inner peace and tranquility. Having positive, happy, and productive environments at office happen to be a highly crucial necessity. That will help you take your productivity goals forward.

7 Chakras: the guide to your energy system

Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji

Unique and Scientific Vastu Solution

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

It is important to heed to the Vastu tips for kitchen for two reasons. First it is the place where food is prepared and second,

Vastu Tips for Marriage

Marriage is an important occasion in everyone’s life. However the process of choosing a partner becomes headache for many.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

A pooja room or pooja ghar is an important and sacred corner in any home or office. It is the place of meditation and of tranquility.

Vastu Tips for Home

Vastu is the science of tapping in the positive energies of a structure and surrounding to improve the overall well being of humans.

Vastu Tips for Relationship

Every person on this planet needs some luck when it comes to managing romance, marriage and relationships - Vastu is that luck.

Vastu Tips for Wealth

Vastu for wealth should not be limited to just appeasing the God, it transcends all religions and boundaries as it is the aim and ambition .

Vastu Tips for Business

Success in business in not just the motive of the owner, management and stake holders but also of the employees and others associated with it.

Know how Vastu Tips For Office can help to your Career

When it comes to achieving positive environments at the workplace, none other than the most effective Vaastu tips for office can prove to be beneficial. Vastu Shastra has been there since time immemorial. As a scientific and logical concept related to home architecture, Vastu Shastra helps you find out favourable positions and directions in your office.

Mr. Y R Pawar : Vastu for Reducing Financial Loans – Mumbai

People who follow the Saral Vaastu Review's solutions religiously benefit the most. Mr Yashwant Pawar took the review and it not only benefitted him but also his family. Listen to his tale on Vastu for financial loans and its advantages.

Mr. H. V. Benner : Vastu for Business – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Vastu takes your business to a pedestal. Mr H V Benner took the Saral Vaastu Review of his house. Today, after following the Saral Vaastu solutions piously, he proudly talks about his success and tells us all about the importance of Vaatu for Business.

Mrs. Krupa Patel : Vastu for Home – Anand, Gujarat

Whoever thought that Vastu is all about the people at home and the family members, Mrs Krupa Patel shows us Vastu for Home's otherside. Overcoming problems in education, business and at home, here's why she thinks Saral Vaastu Review is a must.

Mr. Nagraj Raman Iyer : Vastu for Career – Mumbai

If someone tells you that your Home has a direct impact on your career, would you believe them? Vastu for Career is as essential as air is for life. Mr Nagraj Raman took a Saral Vaastu Review and tells his experience that he's going to cherish for life.

Mrs. Parneel Panesar : Vastu for Financial Problems – Thane

Suffering from financial problems but can't find the root of it? Sometimes it lies in your home. Mrs Parneel Panesar took the Saral Vaastu Review and realised that the Vastu for Financial Problems was something she should have tried earlier.

Vastu Tips for Office

When it comes to the construction of offices, a lot of people follow the principle of Vastu shastra. Vastu for office is the science of constructing the office.

Vastu Tips for Health

Vastu for health deals with that aspect of cosmic science, which targets the positive energies in a dwelling to improve not just the physical health.

Vastu Tips for Toilet and Bathroom

Vastu for toilets should be followed in a dwelling as toilets invites negativity. Likewise, Vastu for bathroom also removes the negative energy in a house.

Vastu Tips for Education

Vastu is a science of direction and it is important for students to apply vastu tips for education trying to excel in studies and other extracurricular activities.

Vastu Tips for Main Door of a House

As per Vastu, main entrance and main door of a house or any property plays an important role in the well being of the people living or working in that place.

Saral Vaastu Aims To Illuminate Your Life With Positivity

None other than positivity can help you deal with these situations. It’s here that Vastu emerges as the perfect solution. Vastu Shastra brings the light of positivity in your life. Right from the professional world to personal life, positivity can turn out to be the source of your achievements. At Saral Vaastu, we have a profound understanding of human emotions, their life, and challenges. We know every individual is different and how their preferences and problems differ from one another.

Depression & Marriage : How to get rid of depression?

Are you living with a partner or spouse who is depressed? When one or both partners in a marriage or relationship are depressed the marriage or relationship is also on the same side. Depression is an illness that takes away the emotional and physical intimacy in a relationship and strains it by bringing in anger, resentment, isolation and pessimism.

Know how Vastu helps solving Marriage Problems?

The couples can also practice Vastu Shastra for love and spark in their marriage. Here are some Vastu tips for relationships which brings peaceful and happy married life:

Want To Invest Money But Find It Very Difficult?

Warren Buffet once said “Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.” Seems so easy to implement, right? But, it’s not. The biggest mistake that all of us majorly do is that we find it extremely difficult to invest. We fail to create that second source of income. We buy […]

Are You at a Risk of Losing Wealth?

Do you have the risk of losing wealth or earnings? Do you have nightmares that your hard earned money is being stolen? Do you sometimes have a thought of bearing huge losses from your investments? Do you sometimes think that your savings in a bank are not safe because of the increasing bank loot cases? […]

Are You Financially Prepared For Retirement?

What is retirement? Whether you are in a government job or in a private firm or you own your business retirement is a reality; it is the truth. How people handle it is the difference.

Lack of Responsibility in Relationships or Marriages

We all have read and heard from our older generations that being in a relationship with someone or marrying someone is a huge responsibility to take considering the fact that every human has a different idea of living life.

5 Steps To Keep Depression At Bay After A Job Loss

Job loss is a commonality nowadays; it is a stressful experience and people usually feel angry, frustrated and helpless and soon slip into depression.

Are You Paying More Tax Than You Should? Things You Are Missing Out

India is a country where people are worried/tensed when they are not earning, and even when they are earning. When they don’t earn, they are worried about a meal a day and when they are earning, they get tensed on their liability to pay tax; having said that, paying tax is not a bad thing […]

Are You Relocating? Make Sure, Your New House is Vastu Compliant

Are you relocating? It’s easy. But are you relocating to a different to a different region with different cultural and linguistic demographics? Then it is going to be really tough for you and your family to adjust. Getting to know people and knowing about their cultural values is a hassle. People may offend the natives with their own culture.

Are you scared about losing your job? Relax and Read on

Living in a fear with lack of job security? The world is a much different place today than it was 50, 30 or even 10 years ago. The competitiveness in the job market has increased manifold and employees have to keep innovating and studying to retain their position in an organization or to get promoted to the next level.

Unlock Your 7 Chakras to Attain a Better Life

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel and can be thought of as a spinning wheel of energy. It is the powerhouse of energy that drives every human being. There are major and minor energy centers located at different points of the body and define various physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

How to Deal With Stress by Stress Reduction Techniques?

Stress at workplace is a commonality nowadays. People are aggressively following their professional dreams and they sideline the health aspect of life. It particularly affects middle aged men who are at the higher rungs of a corporation and who do not indulge themselves in any exercises. Some of them also bring their work to homes […]

How to Deal With Clients Who Visit in Your Office?

The proper etiquettes to handle clients who visit your office are taught in many B-school curriculums. And these etiquettes are also learned through experience. However there is one science in business management that is not taught in any B-schools and that is how to use Vastu Shastra to your benefit in a business. When a […]

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