Dussehra Celebration

Dussehra is a Hindu festival that signifies the victory of good over evil. It is the day, when Ravana in the great epic of Ramayana was killed. This day marks the destruction of the 10 evil faces of Ravana, symbolizing the 10 evils within us namely anger, jealousy, injustice, materialism, attachment, greed, lack of humanity, ego, envy and selfishness.

Celebrated on the 10th day of Sharada Navratri in the month of Ashwin as per the Hindu calendar, Dussehra festival in 2018 will fall on October 18 of the English calendar. The auspicious day of Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashami, signifying the end of Durga Pooja, wherein idols of the goddess of Durga are immersed in water bodies like sea, rivers, ponds or lakes for paying tribute to the goddess on her departure to Lord Shiva’s abode.

While offering our prayers to the Goddess, we knowingly or knowingly attempt to get tuned into the universal life force also known as cosmic energy. This cosmic energy is continuously flowing around us all the time, and unless and until we are well tuned into it, we will not be able to have positivity within and around us.

Insufficiency, blocks or imbalances in the flow of cosmic energy could trigger the evil forces within and around us. The present day life is such that impurities in the environment like environmental pollution or non-harmonious living spaces leads to such energy imbalances.

Dussehra is all about prevailing over the evil within us and embodying higher values in life for enabling to create a helpful and happy society. Saral Vaastu shows us a simple path to have the right balance of cosmic energy within and around us for overcoming the negativity in our life. It helps us connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance through structures and channelize through chakras. This not only helps create a positive ambience & vibrations in our homes but also positivity and bliss within us.

Let us commemorate the end of Ravana and his evil influences on this day, by adopting this new-age art and science of living in harmony with nature and the universe. We can add more sanctity and positivity to our Dussehra 2018 celebrations by adopting Saral Vaastu principles based on Saral Energy. Following this simple path shown by Vishwachetana Guru Shri Chandrashekharji will help us lay the foundation of a balanced, blissful and righteous life.

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