increase-WealthIn order to be prosperous and increase your wealth, you need to work hard. But, you also need good luck and good energy from everywhere and everything around you. No matter how much you earn and try to cut down on your expenses, a tiny Vastu defect in your house or workplace will obstruct your progress.

There are several tips and advices mentioned by financial experts that will help you cut down on your expenses, and by investing these savings in the right financial plans one can expect good wealth generation in the future. Besides the usual tried and tested methods of saving and increasing money, there is an alternate method that will aid you in increasing your wealth – Vastu Shastra.

A correct Vastu can change a lot in your life. It has solutions to your every life-related problem. Your house and workplace directly influences your life. Any
Vastu defects in any of those two places will have an impact in your life. That is where your problem starts and that is where you will find solutions to those problems. If you start to face any problem, then before moving ahead for the major changes, get Vastu of your house checked in the first place. A proper Vastu for your house can be your first step towards improving your luck and increasing your wealth.

5 of the simplest ways your house can contribute towards wealth gain:

  • Placement of Locker:

You must never place your cash locker under a beam as it creates financial stress. Preferably, the direction of your locker should be in the direction of ‘Kuber’ i.e. north. But, depending on the location of your house and the date of birth of the breadwinner, the cash locker must be placed in a specific direction.

  • Placement of mirror:

Another trick is to place a mirror in-front of your locker, showing the image of your cash locker. It is the representative that your cash is doubled.

  • Keeping an aquarium and feeding the birds:

Keep an aquarium in your house. It helps in rectifying various Vastu defects in your house. Make sure to keep the aquarium clean and aerated, for it to give out positive energy. You must also feed grains and water to the birds on your plot for the creation of positive energy.

  • Repairing leaking faucets:

Broken or leaking faucets indicates the loss or wastage of money. Therefore, you need to gets those faucets repaired or replaced as soon as possible in order to stop both water and money wastage.

  • Decorate the Main Door:

The Main Door holds an important place in Vastu Shastra. It is the entrance and exit of many things including wealth. It is advised to keep your main door decorated in order to attract the prosperity and wealth in your life with ease.

These are the simplest steps as per Vastu that can attract wealth. There are many more methods based on the favourable directions of the breadwinner and the location of the house as well as the placement of the furniture in the house. The experts at Saral Vaastu can scientifically help you and explain you more ways by your house can help you increase your wealth.

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