Vastu for New Year

The countdown has started for the New Year 2019 to begin! We all look forward to having a new beginning and receiving more opportunities. With 2018 coming to a close, we are looking at changing our habits and making new resolutions. We have high hopes and expectations for favourable things to come our way.

We need some positivity and supporting environment for things to work in our favour. Many of us may be seeking Vastu tips for New Year for attracting good luck and prosperity Saral Vaastu shows you the simple and scientific way to adopt Vastu for New Year by harmonizing your home environment with nature and universal order.

Based on Saral Energy, it shows the simple way to harness the infinite power of cosmic energy flowing within and around our homes. It is unique in its approach of connecting with the cosmic energy through directions, balancing it through structure and channelizing it through chakras. Saral Vaastu also takes into account the date of birth of the individual of the householder for determining the most compatible directions for connecting with the cosmic energy.

Get the simplest, easy to implement New Year Vastu tips to enhance your New Year Celebration. No breakages or renovations are needed and the solutions could be implemented by simple changes in placement of objects and rearrangement of interiors. You can set a stage to attract good luck, prosperity, bliss and success in your life.

Following are three simple ways in which you can adopt Vastu for New Year and attract positivity and good luck in your home:-

  • Keep your House Clean and Tidy : As per Saral Vaastu, one of the Easy Vastu tip for 2019 would be to clean up each and every corner of your home. This includes removing dust, dirt, cobwebs, rubbish, waste materials, junk, unused furniture, old clothes and so on. De-cluttering should be done starting from the entrance area, all rooms, kitchen and washrooms.
  • Decorate Significant Zones : As per Saral Vaastu, the area around the main door and other significant zones like visitor’s room, windows or places where you offer prayers could be decorated with flowers and illuminated with earthen lamps and candles. The fragrance of flowers and illumination will help to build a positive and supportive atmosphere.
  • Remove Negativity : As per Saral Vaastu, one of the significant Vastu tips for the New Year would be to remove footwear outside the house. They tend to carry dust, dirt, and germs from outside, impacting the positivity and sanctity of the home environment. Another easy Vastu tip for 2019 would be to ring bell while welcoming the New Year or offering prayers. Sound waves and resonance is said to remove negativity from our surroundings.

By following the above suggestions you can create a positive ambience in your home for welcoming the New Year 2019. This will build a stage for attracting good fortune and prosperity in your life. Adopt Saral Vaastu for making a positive difference in your life.

!!! Wishing you a Happy New Year !!!

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