3 Simple Ways to Improve Vastu for House by Altering Energies and Directions

Vastu for house involves several aspects. This refers to vastu remedies for different rooms, bathrooms, garden area, kitchen, and other parts of the home in order to receive maximum benefits. But before you begin to make vastu for home alterations, it is important that you have a little background about what vastu is. If you are already aware of it, you can skip to the guidelines but if you want to understand the art, here’s a brief understanding of the same.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science responsible for bringing positivity and harmony in an individual’s life by implementing Vastu changes in home structure. And just like all things in the universe have an associated level of energy in them, your home and the objects placed in it, too radiates energies. Certain energies create a terrible effect on us while others bring pleasing effects.

Human beings spend a majority of their days’ time at home. Saral Vaastu experts focus on harmonizing the energy within your home by identifying a unique direction based on your date of birth so that you and your family can enjoy progressive and prosperous living.

Saral Vaastu Guidelines to Bring Balance the Energy within your Home

  • Get rid of Clutter

One of the top vastu for flat recommendations is to clear things that are not used and create empty spaces. The energies attracted by unwanted things does not lead to good results, especially if they are lying in the unique direction of your house.

  • Direction of Sleep

A majority of adults experience insomnia. This has become a growing problem across the globe. It is important that you align your body with the correct vastu directions for home. The direction of your bedroom, your bed, and your sleeping position significantly impact the quality of your sleep. The right direction will not only help you with a sound sleep but also rejuvenate the seven chakras.

  • Exposed Mirror in Bedroom

Vastu banishes the existence of an exposed mirror in the bedroom, especially if it is hanging in front of the bed. Mirrors alter the energies of your home and their placement is critical when it comes to identifying the unique direction of your home.

While these are general guidelines to manage the Cosmic Energy in your house, remember to consult a Saral Vaastu expert for the right remedies based on specific energies radiating in your house, your date of birth, and several other factors unique to you.

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