About the book

Saral Vaastu Book hopes to bring Relief to the already suffering mass of humanity, who have suffered extensively by overspending on the renovation suggestions given by the self–styled Vaastu scholars , in the name of implementation for Vaastu corrections and enticements for the much eagerly awaited and expected prosperity and richness in life, that sadly never comes at all. Guruji Goal would be to reach these ‘tormented souls, so as to make them switch over to Saral Vaastu norms. Our U.S.P is –‘No structural breakages, no major alterations and no renovations.’ I would definitely consider my efforts fruitful if I am able to make even a slight change in their mournful lives.

The Vastu Shastra book is a revolutionary approach by Dr. Chandrasekhar Guruji, the founder of Saral Vaastu. The book will prove to be a handy guide for countless individuals across the globe. With the help of this Vastu book, they will gain quick access to effective solutions for critical life problems.

1. An Introduction About Vaastu Shastra

Various efforts have undergone in spreading the principles and theories of Vaastu. The role of the Media has been very instrumental, in spreading its message.

2. Introduction to Saral Vaastu

SARAL as everyone knows, means Easy as in ‘Sanskritinized Hindi’. Thus ‘Saral Vaastu’ is the art and science of adopting Vaastu principles in an easy manner.

26. Map of India (Physical & Political)

The main functioning of the country’s executive, legislative and the judiciary government bodies functions from the Central Parliament, called Parliament House that is situated in New Delhi. It is also known as ‘Sansad Bhavan’.