Vaastu for Wealth


Vaastu means dwelling and Vastu means things. The two key words are rich with meaning and complement each other. When things (Vaastu) are kept as per the norms of Vaastu (dwelling), the residents will experience abundance. A house which is directionally aligned acts like an antennae to receive cosmic positive energy. It naturally attracts wealth and makes the inmates prosperous. Dr. ChandrashekharGuruji is a qualified civil engineer. He pioneered the unique science of SaralVaastu which is the fusion of an ancient Indic science with modern methods of civil engineering. It helps you to gain, retain and multiply wealth.

Wealth is a necessity to thrive in any society. Living without wealth and its accompanying material support would be an endless primitive struggle with the elements. Dr. Shri ChandrashekharGuruji’s easy way to generate wealth points to four favorable directions of every person that can restore the balance of”Prana” or life force in your life. By adopting the unique science of SaralVaastu, you can increase your income, minimize your expenses and avoid the risk of theft.

The focus on wealth begins with Deepavali or Diwali which is the most popular festival of India. It is the principal festival of the nation as it marks the beginning of the Hindu calendar. The festival begins with spring cleaning of the whole house and office. This cleansing ritual gives an auspicious start to the New Year. After all the clutter is cleared and unwanted and unused materials are thrown out, the house receives a new coat of paint and people celebrate the festival wearing new clothes.

Positive energy is personified as Goddess Lakshmi Devi. Aarti or light thru Puja or devotion is offered to the Goddess of wealth at the auspicious hour. People light lamps, offer flowers, burn sandalwood scented incense sticks and draw rangoli or decorative designs. Rangoli drawn near the main door of the house, living rooms and courtyards welcomes guests. It enhances the flow of positive energy into the house. The front door and entrance of the house should not be blocked by any pole, wire, fence, tree, plant, vehicle or compound wall etc. The unique concept of SaralVaastu helps you in overcoming these problems through energy regulators and charged objects.

Vaastu for Health

An old proverb says “Health is wealth”. The unique concept of SaralVaastu aligns the direction of your living space to boost your health, wealth and all round prosperity. Dr. Sri. ChandrashekharGuruji’s research and experiments prove that every person on earth has four favorable and four unfavorable directions that is to be decided according to your date of birth…

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Vaastu for Education

Every parents always thinks about their children education. Children also think of their bright future. It’s like a rat race where competition has begun where parents are spending money and children are putting their efforts to win the race of being on the top.However some will succeed with their wishes and some will not…

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