Vaastu for Education


Every parents always thinks about their children education. Children also think of their bright future. It’s like a rat race where competition has begun where parents are spending money and children are putting their efforts to win the race of being on the top.However some will succeed with their wishes and some will not.

The reason behind these are:-

  • Though the children put their effort in study, not able to recall on time
  • Lack of concentration.

Parents Blaming their children in case they did not perform but parents are not aware of the fact it is not the problem with child but something else. Dr. Shri Chandrasekhar Guruji has answer and solution to these problems.

The direction of the house which matters for the children education. If the main entry of the house is in 4th bad direction, children education gets affected.

Also the sleeping and studying directions of the children is unfavourable then, it affects education of that child. Maintaining proper direction in the study room of the child will make significant effects.

Every house has education section. If education section affected by any obstacles, then education of the children in that house will affect automatically. The place of toilet, bathroom also plays vital role for children education.

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