Problems are part and parcel of everyone’s life and can impact us across any of our life stages from birth till old age. Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji has been showing unique life path to help individuals and their families to lead a happy and prosperous life. As per Guruji we spend 2/3rd of our time in a day in house or office (vastu). According to him, the root cause of the problems faced by individuals is due to improper flow of energy in the house of stay (owned or rented) or office premises.

Saral Vaastu is a unique blend of ancient Indian wisdom and principles of Vastu Shastra. The energy surrounding us plays a critical role defining our thoughts and actions.

Each one of us can get connected to this energy once you are born with the help of directions.

You can tune to the cosmic energy simply and forever by connecting through direction, balancing the energy in your house and workplace (vastu) and channelize through seven chakras. Each one of us has a unique life path and is dependent on the date of birth of every individual staying in the house or date of birth of Owner / Directors or key stakeholders in any organisation. Guruji has been guiding millions of people through unique and scientific Saral Vaastu and showing them their unique life path through 3 Steps and has helped them lead a happy and prosperous life in 7 – 180 days.


Saral Vastu enables us to connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy through Directions, Structure and Chakras. You need to implement it once in your life and allow yourself and your family to harness the power of cosmic energy for lifelong. It does not need daily practice.

Connect through Directions

Each one of us is impacted by unique directions that enable us connect with the cosmic energy. Following the directions continuously, helps an individual to connect with the cosmic energy when in house or while working (vastu) or doing important activities.

Balance through Structure (House or Workplace)

We all spend 18 – 20 hours of our daily time staying in our house and workplace (vastu). A balance of energy flow inside the house is needed for maintaining a harmonious and positive environment. By assessing the structures, we come to know of the factors that obstruct smooth flow of energy and are able to remove the same.

Channelize through Chakras

Our body continuously absorbs and channelizes this cosmic energy through 7 chakras which ensures our physical, mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing