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vaastu for homeVaastu for Home

Make your Home a Heaven

Home is a God’s Gift

According to Saral Vaastu , All directions are very important and every individual has four favourable and four unfavourable Vaastu directions.The Holy Scriptures say “You do not find the truth, but the truth finds you.” Individual’s Karma (personal luck) and Vaastu (earth luck) which is associated with a person’s residential or business premises operates as positive and negative energy in  house as well as in  workplace.  It makes no difference, Whether the property is owned or retained on a rental basis. This factor of personal luck and earth luck decides whether an individual will be happy or liable to face suffering.  It is a realistic answer to the question: “Why bad things happen even to good people?” lding technologies followed by our ancestors.


Vaastu for Wealth

Wealth Issues are not Permanent

Saral Vaastu Based on Science

The science of Saral Vaastu is derived through divine knowledge revealed to Dr. Sri Chandrashekhar Guruji.  Blessed by this illumination, he undertook an intense tenure of studies into ancient Indian culture and traditions.  He reinvented the ancient science of Vaastu Shastra by its fusion with modern civil engineering techniques.  It is his tireless efforts to help millions of people that gave birth to Saral Vaastu: the fine art and science of happy living. The prosperity which is obtainable through a onetime application of Saral Vaastu principles endures over three generations. In this way, a scientific and workable solution based on long established Vaastu norms was developed.  It was reinvented and simplified in the form of Saral Vaastu for the benefit of common people who are presently facing untold miseries in every area of their life. More

For a Successful Life

Guruji’s five principles to lead a Happy and Prosperous Life…

  • Be determined not to cheat anybody in your life.
  • Be humble even though you reach any elevated position.
  • Keep your parents always happy.
  • Do help the needy people.
  • Be happy to make others happy.

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Vaastu for Health

Health is Guaranteed

Health is Wealth

Health Problems persists to all the species on earth and research over years are still going on how to solve these health problems.It’s a easy way to maintain good health.


Vaastu for Career

Boost your Careers with Vaastu

New arena of Careers

In today’s fast growing world it’s difficult for a person to really show his real self in the industry. Nothing is impossible in this world to achieve should be the principle.


Vaastu for Relations

Life is Beautiful

Stronger Relations

It is love that makes the house a home. Happiness feeds the conjugal bond and grows a marriage. A happy married life brings joy and contentment into the lives of a couple.


Success stories

Know your Direction

The science of Saral Vaastu holds that every person on earth has a grid of four favourable and four unfavourable vastu directions…More